Capt. Blair travels to North Florida to fish for redfish and trout with Capt. John Henninger. WEBSITE


Capt. Blair fishes the Mosquito Lagoon for monster redfish with Capt. Tony Nesotas. WEBSITE

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1163 views Captain Drew Cavanaugh Saltwater Fishing Charters Near Disney ©2013 Drew Cavanaugh Photography Here is a quick video on how to make a cast to tailing redfish. This will show you how the utmost patience and accuracy is needed. Along with a precise targeted shot and a soft presentation. Practice does make perfect. Flats fishing is very unique due to that we are not fishing deep waters. The area here is on average 2 - 3 feet deep. This 21,000 acres of this. Most the redfish caught here are in 18 inches of water, give or take. This is the apex of fishing. Fishing is not fishing like every where else. Thank You, Captain Drew Cavanaugh

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I went on a camping trip for my cousin Eden's birthday in Jacksonville Florida and we stayed on Dutton Island Preserve for two nights. I went fishing with brother Jesse and cousin Ricky the first day and caught some trout and blues but I went the next day for some redemption and ended up catching two nice redfish in a short amount of time that just so happen to be the best possible size to keep. Florida law is you can only keep two fish and they have to be at least 17" and no more than 27" I used live fingerling mullet i caught in the cast net right next to the boat ramp. Music by Kevin McLeod Tracks: Dragon & Toast, Firebrand, The Whip Theme,

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A great fall day fishing for redfish from a Hobie Kayak in Galveston Bay, Texas

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Lots of fun catching small fish off the end of the pier. Between my wife and I we caught well over 100 fish in two days. Using mostly shrimp as bait. See my other video that explains the rig.