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Youtube video by Romo7493

After ten years of flounder fishing I finally hit a 10 lber in a south Jersey back bay. The fish hit a 1 oz glow spro bucktail tipped with a bluefish strip. I gently roped the fish so I could measure it and get pictures. The fish was very strong at release and is still swimming for someone else to catch.


This video is about Wading Fishing for Flounder Tips and Tricks How To If you have any questions, please post them in the comment sections, and I will do my best to answer them.


In this video I show you how to catch flounder using Gulp Alive! I'm using a 4" ghost shrimp on a 3/4oz jig head. Cast it past structure and work it back to you. Bouncing it off the bottom. When you feel like you got a bite. Start your count down! I like to give the fish 20-25 second to eat the bait. Trying to set the hook to early will cause you miss the fish. Give the fish ample time to swallow the bait. Always remember to have fun and it has to be 14" to keep.


Test video footage of The Go Pro hat mounted. Worn by Chris the mate of The High Roller Party Boat. Afternoon trip. Flounder fishing on the bay of Atlantic City

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If you've been waiting for the Peconic Bay doormat fluke bite to get started off of New York's Greenport and the Shelter Island, wait no longer - It's ON! With well over 20 fluke topping 8 pounds since Friday, this may be your best chance ever to score with the summer flattie of a lifetime.

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boom baby, were looking for a sponsor we have one in mind - TeamFOB


Fishing aboard the Pt. Judith RI charter boat C-Devil II


Daily Catches from the Pt. Judith RI charter boat C-Devil II