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Located on the Copper River in Alaska, the Copper River Lodge is a secluded Alaska lodge for incredible fly fishing for trout and salmon.

Stonefly Lodge is centrally located amongst some of New Zealand's best fly fishing waters for wild brown trout.

Great Catch!

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Team Xplore

Our last fishing day on lake of the woods! Big fat Bertha finally decided to bite the 14" crankbait, I love these fish!

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Cool Gear

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Darrell Keith, the president of Hydro Glow, has been in the business of manufacturing quality fishing lights for more than a decade. The products his company makes can help you be more successful at off-the-boat and off-the-dock fishing as well as flounder gigging, shrimping, and ice fishing. All models are high quality, energy efficient, and virtually unbreakable. They are also perfectly tailored to the kind of fishing you are looking to do.

According to Keith, his products principally make use of green lights because his research has proven that these attract the most fish. The green lights draw in the most plankton because they use this light to reproduce. Since baitfish like to

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