Sailing to Madagascar, woooo hooo!!!! We leave the amazing Chagos Archipelago and set sail for Madagascar about 1,500 miles away. Just over a week into the passage we pass through an

area of shallows known of the Mascarene Plateau. It's an interesting place because in the middle of the Indian Ocean the depth rises from 2,000 meters to 20 meters. In some places it's

even boat smashing coral reefs so we need to be extra careful with our navigation. In fact the Team Vestas Volvo Ocean Race boat wrecked very close to here. As we pick our way through

the shallow spots the fish alarm starts hitting BIG! We're talking multiple hits with Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo. We're pulling them in faster than we can filet them. It's by far the best

fishing day we've had in our lives! We finish the day off with an incredible Sushi dinner courtesy of Babs mad cooking skills.

This is our story, a story of three souls sailing around the world. It is a story about sailing, but it's also a story about the fantastic people we meet and amazing places we see. It's

a story of


Stumbled onto this video from 2014 posted to youtube by PatrynWorldLatestNew - AMAZING!

It could be worth up to $ 2million, make 2,875 sandwiches, and has been hailed a 'Picasso of the sea'... but Donna Pascoe wants to stuff her record-breaking tuna catch and hang it on her wall.
The game fisherwoman battled for more than four hours the 411.6kg (64 stone) Pacific bluefin before finally reeling in the high-speed leviathan - thought to be the largest ever caught with a rod and line.

She hooked the fish - which is twice the size of a tuna sold at a Japanese auction last year for $1.09million - using a 60lb line near the Three Kings Islands off Cape Reinga of New Zealand.

The experienced angler first suspected something fishy was going on when her line began to tug.

'The line was peeling out like it was attached to a freight train,' said

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On The Hook does some wicked tuna fishing on Stellwagon Bank and puts some of Daiwa's product line to the test! Hook up on the mighty Bluefin Tuna as Dave Sloan fishes live baits with Daiwa fishing reels in Mass Bay. See true Girl Power, the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory as Lauren fishes with David Sloan, Captain Chuck DiStefano and her dad, Pete Santini, for the mighty Bluefin Tuna!


Boat pictured in video is the Huntress and can be chartered at http://wickedtunakevin.com/ When Gregg Looney booked his fishing trip with a captain from the reality TV show Wicked Tuna, Looney had a hunch they would catch something big. Read more: http://www.lowellsun.com/news/ci_23803388/dracut-buddies-reel-920-pound-...

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Team Xplore

From Westport, WA, albacore tuna fishing with Ocean Sport Fishing Charters with Capt Don on the Ranger. We fill the boat!

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Team Xplore

One of those trips call everyone and no one can go but one person answered and boy was he rewarded with the biggest yellow fin of his life and that person would be my cus kirk he did a great job fighting this tuna. I had to run the Boat the Camera and the gaff so set back and enjoy.

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Team Xplore

More videos on : vimeo(dot)com/channels/woozy

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Team Xplore

The FinAddix crew take a trip to Tropic Star Lodge... you wont believe what had happened next!! Camera man JJ Slater of Slater Productions jumps in to take a closer look as well!! AMAZING!