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Modifying Your Original Kastmaster!
For areas of poor water visibility i prefer to use small reflective metal spoons like Kastmasters & Krocodiles to attract fish through the murk. For deeper areas of fresh water intrusion to harbors where water clarity is influenced by poor circulation i use larger heavier metal lures. The increased reflective surface area combined with the increased weight allows me to cast greater distances. Areas of clearer visibility fish tend to rely more on visual acuity so having less "solid" visual accessories (ie metal swivels, snaps, etc) on your mainline/leader plays a huge role in hooking-up on your casts.

I've learned how to modify my smaller lighter metal lures to the larger more reflective spoons. The 2oz Kastmasters are large & extremely reflective. I love the distance i get casting them. Because of the weight i prefer areas of deeper depths or sandy bottoms (less chance of snagging). My combo of choice for this is my Shimano Spheros SW6000 "Salt Water" filled with blue 50lb Jerry Brown braid mounted on a Lamiglass fast action/medium

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The Nichols Mojo Spoon: http://bit.ly/2icktSx

The Nichols Mojo Spoon is a great bait for going after winter bass. The spoon is a great tool for lethargic or lazy bass, and the Nichols Spoon is one of the best you can find. Let LakeForkGuy explain exactly how to fish these baits from where to throw them, what gear to use, and how to rig!

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In this special saltwater episode I use tiny spoons!

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